build your own
bucket list travel app in react native

It’s time to join again the most popular cutting-edge tech workshops in Hungary. This time we are happy to host the guest speakers (Josef Duda and Robin Cussol) from, the fastest growing travel tech company in Central Europe!

If you are a React, React Native, Angular, or Vue.js developer, invite your peers and check how to create a cross-platform app with React Native (Web) and GraphQL to plan your trip and cross off must-sees from your bucket list!


Date & Time: Thursday, 23.05.2019, 18:15

You will:

– Get experience with React Native and React Native Web to create cross-platform applications with one codebase.

– Understand and appreciate what GraphQL brings to building React components.

– How to use Storybook to build your components on both web and mobile platform.

– How to use Flow to type your JavaScript and how it plays nicely with GraphQL.

Why developers love Bene Studio Workshops?

1. You build a working app from scratch within 2 hours with full help and support
2. You get a nanodegree for no cost that proves the skills you could improve
3. You are the member of a community: discuss with like-minded experts about cutting-edge tech topics ’till night

+ endless pizza, beer & stickers ūüėČ


What you need to have:

– Intermediate JavaScript Knowledge

– Basic knowledge of React

–¬†Bring your own device OR have an iOS or Android emulator set up on your machine

It is imperative you set up your development environment for React Native on your computer.
To do so, make sure you complete the following tasks BEFORE the workshop:

1.  Go through the React Native tutorial with Expo:

2. Make sure you can run the example application on your device/emulator.

3. Ensure that you have git installed on your machine (the workshop material will be communicated through a GitHub repository).

This is an English speaking event!


There are only 60 available seats for the workshop, we recommend you to register as soon as you can, since we can’t guarantee extra places. RSVPs on other platforms are not counted as registration!

You can apply here via booking your support ticket: available from 1950 HUF!
Applications open soon!


18:15 Р18:30 Registration

18:30 Р20:30 Workshop (Accurate start!)

20:30 РCommunity discussion


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