TELEHEALTH Rapidconf : October

The free online knowledge sharing event

22 October 2020., Thursday
8:30-10:30 (PDT)/16:30-18:30 (GMT+1)

Attend the free event and watch top speakers discuss how IoMT is revolutionizing healthcare, especially during COVID-19. In addition, gain insight into how startups pitch their product. Get to know the key startups, providers, and investors in the Telehealth ecosystem. Subscribe to get access to the free event!

This is a past event. Check out our next event in November.

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Senior Manager, Healthcare Strategy Practice at
ECG Management Consultants

Lindsey Williams

Founder of Corylus Consulting

Charles Huang

Managing Partner at Lynchpin Capital Partners


Fabien Beckers

Founder of Arterys


Sandra Miller

CEO at Runway Innovation Hub

John Fryer

John Fryer Senior Vice President & Head of Market at Lumeris


Balint Bene

Founder and CEO of bene : studio

Orrin Ailloni-Charas

CEO of Global Health Impact Fund

Startup Pitch Participants

Alan Gale

CEO at Aimee Health

Craig Limoli

Founder of WellSheet

Pracheta Sahoo

Founder of AidMedx

Ayan Monpara

CMO at Intiva Health


How does IoMT revolutionize healthcare?

8:30-9:30 (PDT) / 16:30-17:30 (GMT+1)

The influence of the Internet of Medical Things in revolutionizing healthcare is discussed by Fabien Beckers (Arterys), Alfredo Fernandez-Concha (ECG Management Consultants), Lindsey Williams (Corylus Consulting) and Balint Bene (bene : studio).

Telehealth Startup Award

9:30-10:30 (PDT) / 17:30-18:30 (GMT+1)

4 growth stage health startups pitch their product and get feedback from corporate and venture capitalists, Orrin Ailloni-Charas (Global Health Impact Fund), Charles Huang (Lynchpin Capital Partners), Sandra Miller (Runway), and Balint Bene (bene : studio). Who will win the Telehealth Startup Award in October?

Networking club

The HealthTech RapidConf events are organized by the HealthTech Networking Club. All the speakers, pitching startups and moderators are members of the invite-only club. Parallel with the programmes, the club members can network: make new connections and have private discussions.

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