Discover the associations in the HealthTech Networking Club.

These members represent chambers, societies, associations, GOs, and NGOs to provide benefits to its members and partners such as access to information, guidance in product standards, development, and ethics.

Society of Physician Entrepreneurs

The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs provides a global community-based platform for biomedical and healthcare entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate to achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

SoPE empowers entrepreneurs by providing the education, connections, experience and funding opportunities necessary to commercialize ideas.


Arlen Meyers

Founder of SoPE

The Journal of mHealth

The Journal of mHealth is an international publication that brings the most recent digital and mobile health technologies developments to healthcare professionals worldwide through news, articles, white papers, reports, and research.

Matthew Driver

Editor in Chief at The Journal of mHealth

Scale Health

ScaleHealth is a global health innovation ecosystem focused on improving the health and wellness of their international community by connecting investors, startups, and strategic partners.


Taylor McPartland

CEO at Scale Health

Prime Health

Prime Health focuses on healthcare delivery improvement through digital health through building an ecosystem with Colorado communities and organizations focused on value-based, technology-driven health reform.

Rachel Dixon

President of Prime Health

Bayer G4A

G4A is committed to helping digital health startups who are looking for funding and partnerships in the digital healthcare space. G4A’s expertise brings value to any partnership and we’re committed to finding areas of opportunity for new digital health solutions.

Scarleth Roque

Digital Health Associate at Bayer G4A


The Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) is the voice of the HealthTech industry focused on enabling the HealthTech community to provide products and services that improve the health and lives of people—advocating for the industry and showing the value of health technology to key stakeholders.

Andrew Davies

Digital Health Lead at ABHI

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