Discover the consulting firms in the HealthTech Networking Club. They have the necessary experience, competencies, and connections to help your HealthTech organization.

Consultants guide leaders in order to make their organizations more effective resulting in better strategies to achieve growth and development, easier implementation of their solutions, and better patient outcomes.


Corylus Consulting

Leveraging over 10 years in the industry, Corylus Consulting offers custom solutions using an unique skill set, united with industry expertise, knowledge, networks, relationships, and functional expertise that results in tangible value and viable growth for clients.


Lindsey Williams

Founder of Corylus Consulting

Steven Sandquist

Steven Sandquist is the President of Sandquist Consulting, a 4x CEO, Advisor to several HealthTech companies and is the CEO of AidMedx.

Steven Sandquist

President of Sandquist Consulting is an advisory service headed by Health 2.0 Co-Founder Matthew Holt, which helps health tech CEOs grow their companies. We offer 3 types of services: Advisory services & introduction for CEOs, tactile outsourcing of “necessary but hard to do right”​ services, and access to vetted experts.

Matthew Holt

Founder of

Schulte Advisors LLC

Schulte Advisors LLC designs strategies for newly established life science companies and products across multiple channels and geographies. Products supported include biotech inputs, drugs, diagnostics, and devices. Key exit opportunities for innovators are identified and the commercial viability of products is assessed through comprehensive research and analysis.

Ann Schulte

Founder of Schulte Advisors LLC

Speaker of Telehealth RapidConf : September and October

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Robin Farmanfarmaian is a professional speaker, entrepreneur and angel investor working on companies in cutting edge tech poised to impact 100M people or more. With over 140 speaking engagements in 14 countries, she educates audiences on technology, the future of healthcare, patient empowerment, building thought leadership, and more. Additionally, she has been on the founding or organizing team for more than 200 events and conferences, including many as Executive Director, Executive Producer, Chair, or President. Robin has 3 published books: “The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer” (2015); “The Thought Leader Formula: Strategically Leverage Your Expertise to Drive Business & Career Goals” (2019); and “Facilitating Virtual Events: Driving Participant Engagement & Interaction” (2020).

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Professional Speaker and Entrepreneur


Lumeris is a services operator focusing on empowering value-based care. Having the unparalleled ability of improving clinical and fininancial outcomes for their partners, Lumeris stands out among the numerous options for health systems, medical groups and payers. The belief that the right care, at the right time, at the right cost has been with Lumeris since its inception. An industry-leading solution for Medicare, Medicaid and self-funded populations has been designed by Lumeris using 10 years of experience and proven results with Medicare Advantage populations.

John Fryer

Senior Vice President & Head of Market at Lumeris


InnovatorMD is a healthcare innovation company, founded by Uli K. Chettipally, MD, MPH. Its main focus is to spread innovation from a physician’s perspective through written word, presentation videos, live events, and one on one consultations.

Uli Chettipally

Founder of InnovatorMD

Georgia Tech Research Institute

The Georgia Tech Research Institute is a highly-regarded nonprofit applied research and development division of the Georgia Institute of Technology. It was founded in 1935 and has grown to over 2400 employees that support 8 laboratories in over 20 locations around the US. The Institute’s science and engineering expertise is used to solve some of the toughest problems facing government and industry across the nation and around the globe, daily. The Georgia Tech Research Institute relies on a diverse workforce to become the world’s pre-eminent applied research and development organization. It takes all of us.

Danika Tynes

Senior Associate of Georgia Tech Research Institute

Speaker of Telehealth RapidConf : September and October

Fabien Beckers

Fabien is a senior executive, passionate about solving global problems. Fabien is the founder and former CEO of Arterys, who now works as an independent consultant.

He received his PhD (Quantum Matter) from Cambridge, Masters from Stanford GSB, and as CEO was the recipient of Top 50 World’s Most Innovative Companies (2019) by FastCompany. He raised $70M+ to build the first and only cloud-AI platform for diagnostic imaging and clinical diagnostics.

Fabien disrupted the healthcare ecosystem using cloud to unlock data driven medicine ahead of his time. His company created 5 FDA products, the first open innovation platform, an AI marketplace, and a new method to transform how newborns with heart defects are diagnosed. As CEO, he impacted 100k+ patients globally. His work played a crucial role in COVID to distribute AI solutions with Nvidia and NIH. In 2018, Fabien was on the World Economic Forum “Value in Healthcare” steering committee.

Fabien Beckers

Consultant, Founder and former CEO of Arterys

Amine Korchi

Dr Amine Korchi is a medical doctor and Swiss Board-certified radiologist & neuroradiologist who is focused on bridging the gap between medicine, business and technology. He is a Sifted Global Top 25 Healthcare Technology expert and is trained in both clinical medicine and medical technology management.


Amine Korchi

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