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bene : studio is a global consultancy, helping startups, enterprises and HealthTech companies to have better products by offering strategy, design, development and support services.

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Quality Assurance

Prevent application errors and system downtimes using quality assurance.

Software testing

Validate app requirements from and end-user point of view with either automated or manual testing.

Validate requirements

Test to verify that the application design meets product requirements

Performance and stress testing

Verify that your software is ready to perform under heavy traffic in the market.


Quality assurance is based on proofs. Our testing results are professionally documented.

Testing strategies

Our team of experts help decide and deliver testing strategies considering the application type, development model, deadlines and budget.

Fresh eyes

Avoid overlooking issues that you see every day. The studio brings fresh focus to your testing.

Quantifiable requirements

Identification and specification of the requirements in a quantifiable manner.

Objectives of testing

Definition of objectives such as increasing effectiveness, preventing failures or reducing costs caused by defects.

Delivering the best strategy

The studio recommends the best possible strategy based on your needs.


Our DevOps consulting experience encompasses every major and/or subordinate element within today’s enterprise infrastructure including networks, servers, and the overall environment.


The studio applies CI/CD best practices to implement and deliver code changes more frequently and reliably.


We ensure that uptime objectives are met by participating in controlling the risks.


We maintain software that handles deploying, scaling, and monitoring of the product.


Discover production issues and hunt down elusive bugs.


The studio is able to provide support in server maintenance and bugfixes.

Server monitoring

Studio experts monitor your servers and are ready to take action if an alert is fired.

Rescue &bugfixes

The studio will restore your server or website while fixing bugs that caused the downtime.

Regular server updates

Have your server updated to the most recent, secure set-up.

System tuning and hardening

Where possible the studio recommends and implements improvements to your system.

All services


A successful work starts with research and planning, even in an extended team cooperation. The roadmap is the core of our projects, executed in agile, led by PMP managers. Try us for free!


Specification by product managers, systems design by software architects, product design by UX researchers, UX, UI and brand designers.


Cutting-edge javascript development in React, React Native, Node.js. Mobile development in iOS & Android. Enterprise web development in JAVA, PHP and Microsoft technologies.


Quality assurance, testing strategies, DevOps and maintenance.

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