The invite-only networking club connects startups, investors,
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The club also organizes the renowned monthly HealthTech RapidConf online event which is free and publicly accessible by anyone.

If you feel your business can contribute and benefit from the connections in the networking club apply for an invite! Find new clients, suppliers, investors, startup or enterprise partners and have private discussions with them.

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Browse the directory of our club members from the Healthtech industry. They include some of the key investors, consulting firms, startups, suppliers and heathcare providers.

HealthTech Accelerators

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German Accelerator

German Accelerator is an accelerator focused on empowering German startups to scale globally through fast-paced learning in leading international innovation hubs. Over 300 startups with $4.9 billion in funding have graduated from the GA programs since launching in 2012.

Edgar John Vogt
Company Scout at German Accelerator

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HealthTech Product Accelerator by bene : studio

Focusing on the enhancement of HealthTech product design and technology the accelerator provides excellent time-efficient results.

Balint Bene
Founder and CEO of bene : studio


KidsX Accelerator

KidsX is an international association of pediatric hospitals that are focused on improving digital health innovation through collaboration. An annual accelerator program is run by KidsX by pairing leading pediatric hospitals with top digital health startups.

Dana Le
Program Administrator at KidsX Accelerator

HealthTech Associations

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Scale Health

ScaleHealth is a global health innovation ecosystem focused on improving the health and wellness of their international community by connecting investors, startups, and strategic partners.

Taylor McPartland
CEO of Scale Health

Society of Physician Entrepreneurs

Society of Physician Entrepreneurs

The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs provides a global platform for biomedical and healthcare entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate to achieve their goals.

Arlen Meyers
Founder of SoPE

HealthTech Consulting Firms

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Tartan Advisors

Joe Krolczyk
Founder of Tartan Advisors

Outlier Ventures

Lusi Chien
Managing Partner of Outlier Ventures

Upside Health Advisors

Consultant to payers and large provider groups for product launch and development focusing on health care payment reform.

Jeffrey Hogan
President of Upside Health Advisors

HealthTech Investors

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Tracy Dooley
Venture Partner of Avestria

Relay Investments

Raymond Fan
Operating Partner of Relay Investments


Paulson Investment Company

Established in 1970, Paulson Investment Company is a highly esteemed banking firm. Leveraging their small to mid-cap market capabilities to help their clients in achieving their strategic and financial objectives.

Michael Koutsoudakis
Vice President of Paulson Investments

HealthTech Legal Counsel

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Nath, Goldberg & Meyer

Nath, Goldberg & Meyer (NGM) is an intellectual property law firm engaging in all aspects of IP law practice offering both domestic and international general counsel services.

Joshua Goldberg
Managing Partner of Nath, Goldberg & Meyer

Global healthcare law

The Global Healthcare Law Group

The Global Healthcare Law Group focuses on providing expertise in healthcare corporate structuring and governance, medical malpractice, and transactions and compliance.

Kristen Montez
Founding Attorney at The Global Healthcare Law Group

UBM law


UBM Law Group, LLP provides practical legal advice for businesses by combining the in-house and executive experience of their transactional attorneys.

Will Marshall
Partner at UBM Law

HealthTech Providers

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John Zibert
CEO of Studies&Me


AJ Shergill
Physician and founder of Medtriq

Green Imaging

Green Imaging is a full-service virtual medical imaging network. Operated and owned by board-certified radiologists, the network provides excellent care, price transparency, and patient and employer education.

Cristin Dickerson
Founder of CEO at Green Imaging

HealthTech Startup suppliers

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KNIME, short for the Konstanz Information Miner provides a fast and intuitive advanced data science software.

Mihaly Medzihradszky
Head of Field Operations, EMEA of KNIME


Cushman & Wakefield: Global Occupier Metrics

Global Occupier Metrics is an online platform of Cushman & Wakefield that helps occupiers to make well-informed business decisions about their real estate portfolio.

Andras Nyeste
Consultant at Cushman & Wakefield: Global Occupier Metrics


Runway Innovation Hub: Runway Startup Ecosystem

Runway is the best workspace for tech companies in San Francisco. We provide all-inclusive memberships, meaningful connections and quality events for tech startups so they can succeed.

Joyce Haven
Startup Ecosystem Manager at Runway Innovation Hub

HealthTech Startups

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Ash Kalraiya
CEO of MediShout

Apricity Health

Apricity Health aims to empower patients with accessible, affordable, and personalized precision care using digital solutions and AI technologies. Combining real-time data and specialist expertise to better manage cancer therapy for patients wherever they are.

Lynda Chin
Founder of Apricity Health


VivoDoc is a HealthTech company enabling healthcare access for everyone with a focus on price transparency and easy appointment scheduling. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize healthcare for patients.

Rahman Mohammed
Founder of VivoDoc

IoMT Startups

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mente is an IoT startup focused on improving operating room efficiency for the hospital, patient, and surgical team by using predictive analytics to create an outstanding surgical experience while reducing cost.

Wes Hill
CEO of mente

Walk with path

Walk With Path

Walk With Path develops a range of mobility-focused wearables that focus on reducing the risk of falls in vulnerable individuals and improve their confidence when walking.

Nuala Burke
Clinical Lead of Walk With Path

LifeCuff Technologies

LifeCuff Technologies

LifeCuff Technologies develops medical technology designed to reduce the human and financial cost of chronic wounds by making Ischemic Conditioning (IC) treatments feasible and effective.

Tom Moore
CEO of LifeCuff Technologies

TeleHealth Consulting Firms

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Amine Korchi

Dr Amine Korchi is a medical doctor and Swiss Board-certified radiologist & neuroradiologist who is focused on bridging the gap between medicine, business and technology. He is a Sifted Global Top 25 Healthcare Technology expert and is trained in both clinical medicine and medical technology management.

Amine Korchi

Corylus Consulting

Leveraging over 10 years in the industry, Corylus Consulting offers custom solutions that results in tangible value and viable growth for clients.

Lindsey Williams
Founder of Corylus Consulting

Steven Sandquist

Steven Sandquist is the President of Sandquist Consulting, a 4x CEO, Advisor to several HealthTech companies and is the CEO of AidMedx.

Steven Sandquist
President of Sandquist Consulting

TeleHealth Startups

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iPill Dispenser

iPill Dispenser is a digital health hardware innovation designed to improve prescription adherence and reduce opioid diversion and abuse through a secure dispenser and mobile application.

John Hsu
CEO of iPill Dispenser


Butterflly Health

Butterflly is a Cloud-based Telehealth Platform focused on behavioral health and autism.

Areva Martin
Founder of Butterfly Health


Champz Health

Champz Health has created a platform that securely manages, summarizes and organizes the health and wellness information of your family so that it is easy to share with providers and loved ones.

Melissa Karr
VP of Marketing at Champz Health


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The networking club is not only about private discussions and knowledge sharing. It also organizes free online events to connect a wider audience to this industry and share interesting news about financing, IoT, UX, and AI in the form of keynotes, panel discussions and startup pitches. Join our next event and see what it is all about! Check out the full list of events here.

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