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After a break, we have restarted the most popular cutting-edge tech workshops in Hungary. Join us at our next knowledge sharing event!

Boost the developer community with hands-on experience together.

Previous workshops

We have started our workshops back in 2017. You can find the workshops from 2021 here, to browse our past workshops with articles, tutorials visit our Knowledge Hub.

23 Nov 2023

Quantum Computing & Cybersecurity: How to protect our Digital Assets

Delve into the realm of quantum computing and its implications for cybersecurity! 🪐

26 Oct 2023

GitHub Ecosystem: From Pages and Packages to Actions

Unlock the power of the GitHub universe! 🪐

21 Sep 2023

Build your own neural network using Machine Learning & TensorFlow

Unlocking the power of Machine Learning

15 Jun 2023

Virtual workshop: Building an AI-powered personality test

Build an AI-powered personality test!

15 Jun 2023

Building an AI-powered personality test: Using OpenAI’s API & prompt engineering in a web app

Unlocking the Power of AI-driven Interactions

11 May 2023

Virtual workshop: Using State Machines for Game Development

Build your own interactive game using state machines!

11 May 2023

Using State Machines for Game Development

Build your own interactive game using state machines!

13 Apr 2023

Webinar: Finding and applying for software and engineering internships

Join representatives of bene : studio to learn how to find and apply for tech-related internships - including opportunities in software design and computer engineering!

02 Mar 2023

JavaScript Workshop: MongoDB

Build a working, real time, collaborative mobile app for color palette handling.

21 Apr 2022

JS Workshop: Build shopping apps in monorepo with Google Pay using Stripe


09 Dec 2021

JavaScript workshop: creating a Chrome extension using Wise API webhooks

Join us and our friends from Wise (formerly Transferwise)

04 Nov 2021

CI/CD workshop: React Native automated tests using Bitrise

Build your quiz app on your own iOS or Android phone

14 Oct 2021

Three-js workshop: 3D interactive data visualisation with React

Learn how to create stunning data representation in 3D

09 Sep 2021

Flutter workshop: Learn to build an app with React background

This workshop is designed for any developer with Javascript, React, or React Native background and interested in Flutter.

11 Aug 2021

React Native workshop: connect native modules to build an awesome Music Creator

Learn, how to work with Native Modules (both Java and Swift) and connect them with React Native.

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