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The HealthTech Networking Club is an invite-only networking club that connects startups, investors, healthcare providers, and other key players in the HealthTech industry and provides private networking opportunities.

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Runway Innovation Hub: Runway Startup Ecosystem

Runway is the best workspace for tech companies in San Francisco. We provide all-inclusive memberships, meaningful connections and quality events for tech startups so they can succeed in building a business. We provide all-inclusive workspace memberships for tech teams so they can grow and be successful.

Joyce Haven

Startup Ecosystem Manager at Runway Innovation Hub

Moderator of Telehealth RapidConf : September and October Networking event
Moderator of the Telehealth Startup Awards

Runway Innovation Hub

Runway’s consulting services help global organizations navigate disruptive trends, identify growth opportunities and leverage relationships with startups to fuel their growth and achieve long-term success.

Schedule a time to talk to us on overcoming common corporate-startup innovation challenges, best practices for engagement, and how to drive demonstrable value for both corporates and startups through win-win partnerships.

Runway said about the RapidConf events:

“It is great to see this interest in the technology that is going to make healthcare accessible and convenient for people. Kudos to the organizers!”

Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller

CEO at Runway Innovation Hub

Manny Orellana

Head of Events at Runway Innovation Hub


KNIME provides a fast and intuitive advanced data science software. KNIME, short for the Konstanz Information Miner is a modular environment, which enables easy visual, drag and drop assembly and interactive execution of a data pipeline improving pharma research, customer data analysis, BI, mining and financial data analysis without, or with only minimal programming skills.


Mihaly Medzihradszky

Head of Field Operations, EMEA at KNIME

Cushman & Wakefield: Global Occupier Metrics

Global Occupier Metrics is an online platform of Cushman & Wakefield that helps occupiers to make well-informed business decisions about their real estate portfolio, including steps of location selection, workspace setup, portfolio review and benchmarking.

Andras Nyeste

Consultant at Cushman & Wakefield: Global Occupier Metrics

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