Discover the investors in the HealthTech Networking Club.

Private angel investors and corporate venture capitalists are investing in startups delivering innovations in healthcare technology.
You can meet these investor club members at the monthly RapidConfs, where they watch, score, and give feedback to startups based on their investment pitch presentations.

Paulson Investment Company

Established in 1970, Paulson Investment Company is a highly esteemed banking firm. Leveraging their small to mid-cap market capabilities to help their clients in achieving their strategic and financial objectives.


Michael Koutsoudakis

Vice President at Paulson Investment Company

Munich Re Ventures

Munich Re Ventures is the strategic corporate venture capital group of Munich Re. At Munich Re Ventures, the experienced investors at work closely with the Munich Re Group businesses across the globe in order to fund and partner with the best-emerging companies that are developing new technologies and business models – and risks – for tomorrow’s world.

Ben Bergsma

Senior Associate at Munich Re Ventures


Ciro Gonzalez

Associate at Munich Re Ventures

Lynchpin Capital Partners

Lynchpin Capital Partners is an early-stage venture capital fund focusing on health technology and startup studio incubator centering around the intersection of health, infrastructure, retail, education, and technology.

Charles Huang

Managing Partner at Lynchpin Capital Partners


InnovatorMD is a healthcare innovation company, founded by Uli K. Chettipally, MD, MPH. Its main focus is to spread innovation from a physician’s perspective through written word, presentation videos, live events, and one on one consultations.

Uli Chettipally

Founder of InnovatorMD

Judge at the monthly HealthTech Startup Awards


GoingVC is a venture capital career accelerator and education program connecting VC job seekers with VC firms in the US.

Roger Kuo

Venture Partner at GoingVC

Global Health Impact Network

The Global Health Impact Network (GHIN) provides an opportunity and platform for Healthcare Professionals to collaborate on the future of Digital Health Innovation. It is a space where fellow healthcare professionals can securely collaborate across multiple disciplines for innovation and education while using world-class encrypted technology. The Global Health Impact Network is a community of like-minded healthcare professionals who have a common vision of empowering healthcare professionals to actively participate in shaping the evolving digital healthcare revolution.

Gary Goldman

CEO at Global Health Impact Network

Global Health Impact Fund

Global Health Impact Fund (GHIF) is a Strategic Venture Capital Investment Network. Our investor-focused model invests exclusively on behalf of our clinician and healthcare professional investor network.

Orrin Ailloni-Charas

CEO of Global Health Impact Fund


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