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HAYV, founded in 2021 in Karlsruhe, Germany, builds data-driven technology to make neurocentric training more accessible to a wide audience in order to improve long-term performance and resilience in physical movement. Neurocentric training is the key to solve these movement limitations, and HAYV has a mission to democratize this treatment by providing options to automatically build your individual neurocentric toolkit.


Marius Krämer

CEO & Founder of HAYV

Ready, Set, Food!

Ready, Set, Food! focuses on early allergen introduction for babies with a system of easily mixed pre-measured daily packets.

BS_HNC_Daniel_ Zakowski (1)

Daniel Zakowski

Founder of Ready, Set, Food!

Sapphire RCMS

Sapphire provides patient-centric, cost-effective, cloud-based SaaS solutions to healthcare providers enabling access to data mines and RCM information.


Walter Larkins

Founder of Sapphire RCMS

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Modality.AI provides the ability to effectively monitor patients’ neurologic and mental conditions in the safety of their homes through their conversational AI system.

BS_David Suendermann-Oeft

David Suendermann-Oeft

CEO of Modality.AI

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Taramax provides a portal for holistic medicine with knowledge resources and access to find the therapist who best fits your personal needs

Uwe Hentschel

Founder at TaraMax

Scalable Systems

Scalable Systems is a data, analytics & digital transformation company that provides best-in-class technology solutions and services that solve complex business challenges in an innovative and cost-efficient manner.

Paula Racini

Business Development at Scalable Systems

Listen MD

ListenMD provides a Distraction-Free Messaging System that allows doctors to collaborate care without interruption while also supplying a Telemedicine tool for convenient communication with patients.

Sandeep Jain

Founder at Listen MD


KENKOU provides accessible and effective solutions for mobile health and vital-data measurement. The Kenkou app focuses on better managing stress by using a combination of mindfulness techniques with cardiovascular data measurement.

Matthias Puls

Managing Director at Kenkou

Family Proud

Family Proud provides a real-time care management tool that safely connects patients and families to a support network and important resources during critical times.


Jaden Risner

CEO at Family Proud


U.S. Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group (USCHAG) is a leading health and wellness startup portfolio company.

Focused on empowering American consumers with an increase in control over their health and wellness through informed data-driven insights. USCHAG utilizes the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quantum processing.

Heather Logrippo

Founder at USCHAG


Routinify is a Telehealth company focused on the development of remote care management solutions. Their first solution, WellAssist is a telecare service focused on senior care by monitoring the well-being of aging adults using real-time data collected from medical devices, wearables, in-home sensors, and personal input.


Laura Newman

Business Development at Routinify


Robyn is a parental wellness platform that combines community support, integrative tools, and access to specialists to better equip parents to make empowered choices.


Allison Kasirer

Founder & CEO at Robyn


Welfie is a school health platform focusing on centering school health around students by equipping K-12 schools to deal with mental health issues and COVID-19.


Steven Moyo

Founder at Welfie


VivoDoc is a HealthTech company enabling healthcare access for everyone with a focus on price transparency and easy scheduling of appointments. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize healthcare for patients by uncovering the right type of care for their medical conditions and management of the care journey.

Rahman Mohammed

Founder at VivoDoc


Vitacheck allows for healthcare checks anywhere with access to digital doctors, prescription services, testing, and tools to securely manage medical documents. At the same time, ensuring costs are tracked back to the user’s insurance company. Vitacheck’s V-Health pass allows access to live events and safely travel through airports.

Rob Penn

CEO at Vitacheck


Uplyfe focuses on making self-care easier and more effective. Their AI-powered health platform provides individualized nutrition and exercise plans, symptom monitoring and analysis, check-up reminders, and access to specialists.

Isabelle Rottmann

Founder at Uplyfe


StressPal aims to create a culture of wellness by creating behavioral medicine programs that focus on psychological resilience and flexibility.


Pennie Sempell

CEO at StressPal

Start Talking

Start Talking provides a secure, safe, and economical platform to connect with counselors, psychiatrists, and life coaches so that no-one needs to keep their problems to themselves.


Mark Nolte

Founder at Start Talking

Span Health

Span is a digital care provider that enables people to improve their quality of life with support from the best nutritional and behavioral health professionals in the context of their lifestyle.


Patrick Samy

Founder of Span Health

Softcare Studios

Softcare Studios is a digital health company that optimizes healthcare inventions and supports the well being of patients by developing innovative products using virtual reality and cutting-edge tracking methods.


Valentino Megale

CEO at Softcare Studios


Preveta’s mission is to provide an effective care coordination program to transform cancer care by empowering clinicians with improved data and insights at the point of care. Their experience in data analytics from other industries enabled them tu build a software platform deliver a revenue-positive care coordination service to healthcare organizations to improve treatment experience.

Victor Lee

Founder at Preveta


MediShout is an app that helps healthcare workers to resolve any operational task or issue instantly to allow workers to operate more efficiently and provide better care for patients.

Ash Kalraiya

CEO at MediShout


Medicalcooling saves the lives of stroke and reanimation patients with their medicalcooling ventilator. They enable therapeutic hypothermia to be portable and more user-friendly.

Fabian Temme

CEO at Medicalcooling

Lung Health Services

Lung Health Services is a specialist medical practice focusing on diagnosing and treating lung cancer and other chronic lung conditions by leveraging a multidisciplinary team of experts to provide access to the most advanced, effective, and timely treatment options.

Nina Maouelainin

CEO at Lung Health Services

Kriya Therapeutics

Kriya Therapeutics is revolutionizing the design, development, and manufacturing of gene therapies- focused on improving the speed to market and reducing costs of treating diseases through manufactured gene therapies as a fully integrated platform company.

Nachi Gupta

CTO at Kriya Therapeutics


Freely is creating a safe, accessible, anonymous environment with a community of listeners and therapists that allows for meaningful conversations in order to reduce anxiety, depression, and the negative stigma around mental health issues.

Trevor Charlston

CEO of Freely

Expy Health

Expy Health is a musculoskeletal recovery platform that empowers patients and healthcare providers through real-time motion-tracking and a mobile device—focused on patient preparation and recovery from orthopedic surgery.

John Ikudaisi

Founder at Expy Health


eCovery allows for professional rehabilitation anywhere with the combination of sensor technology, a digital application, and professional medical expertise. Accompanying patients in their recovery journey by allowing for safe, independent rehabilitation and making evaluations for physicians/therapists as easy as possible with live data access.

Benedict Rehbein

Co-Founder at eCovery

Drift Biotechnologies

Drift Biotechnologies is building software to make genetic sequencing for microbes fast and easy for anyone who needs to do microbiology testing.

Evan Zimmerman

Founder at Drift Biotechnologies


DispatchHealth offers the most advanced on-demand healthcare, treating illnesses and injuries conveniently from home.

Susie Niles

Market Lead at DispatchHealth


Rachael Grimaldi

Co-Founder and CEO at cardmedic


CardioBond provides cardiac rehab and secondary prevention by providing a personalized rehab program for post-cardiac surgery patients by pairing care managers and behavioral-based technology. 

Jonathan Lance

Founder of CardioBond


John Chabot

Mid Market Sales Lead Manager at Bind

Bicycle Health

Chris Turitzin

Head Of Product & Growth at Bicycle Health

BeckerSmith Medical

BeckerSmith Medical develops, patents, and markets medical devices for the management and monitoring of fully-automated cerebral spinal fluid drainage systems.


Quinton Bickley

CEO at BeckerSmith Medical

Awell Health

Rik Renard

Customer Success Manager at Awell Health

Avery BioMedical

Avery BioMedical Devices manufactures the Avery Diaphragm Pacemaker System to provide ventilatory support for patients.


Eva Gallegos

Biomedical Device Engineer at Avery BioMedical

Athena Music Wellness Therapy

Roz Huang

CEO at Athena Music Wellness Therapy

Arete Medical Technologies

Arete Medical Technologies focuses on treating chronic diseases, primarily lung conditions, by creating preventative and personalized digital health products that improve healthcare efficiency and patient outcomes.

Graeham Douglas

Founder at Arete Medical Technologies

Apricity Health

Apricity Health aims to empower patients with accessible, affordable, and personalized precision care using digital solutions and AI technologies. Combining real-time data and specialist expertise to better manage cancer therapy for patients wherever they are.

Lynda Chin

Founder of Apricity Health

Alloy Healthcare

Alloy Healthcare believes in building a HealthcareOS to improve the lives of patients and support clinicians and nurses with an EMR system that works in both inpatient and outpatient care settings.

Robert Floyd

Founder at Alloy Healthcare

Aila Health

Aila Health is an AI-powered precision health management platform helping chronic illness patients with personalized health at home and healthcare providers with reimbursement and value-based health systems while reducing costs.

Rory Stanton

Founder at Aila Health


Age-At-Home is a non-invasive AI-powered system that uses an aggregate of data from IoT and smart devices to improve the wellness of elders at home.

Karen Martin

CEO at Age-At-Home

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