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iPill Dispenser

iPill Dispenser is a digital health hardware innovation designed to improve prescription adherence and reduce opioid diversion and abuse through a secure dispenser and mobile application. The dispenser and app ensure that the prescribed person has access to opioids at the prescribed dose, safely disposes of unused opioids, and monitors patient respiration.

John Hsu

CEO at iPill Dispenser

Walk with path
Winner of the HealthTech Startup of December award
Speaker at the monthly RapidConfs

Walk With Path

Walk With Path develops a range of mobility-focused wearables that focus on reducing the risk of falls in vulnerable individuals and improve their confidence when walking.


Lise Pape

CEO of Walk With Path


Nuala Burke

Clinical Lead of Walk With Path

LifeCuff Technologies

LifeCuff Technologies develops medical technology designed to reduce the human and financial cost of chronic wounds by making Ischemic Conditioning (IC) treatments feasible and effective. Our initial goal is to do this for patients with chronic wounds, beginning with diabetic ulcers.

Tom Moore

CEO of LifeCuff Technologies

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mente is an IoMT startup focused on improving operating room efficiency for the hospital, patient, and surgical team by using predictive analytics to create an outstanding surgical experience while reducing cost.


Wes Hill

CEO of mente

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