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Wellsheet changes the electronic health record experience by using machine learning to create a predictive clinical workflow platform that allows physicians to view information that is contextualized and prioritized for their specific needs.

Craig Limoli

Founder of Wellsheet

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Vitls is a platform that facilitates remote vital sign monitoring in real-time using discrete noninvasive wearable devices resulting in the best quality care for patients.


Werner Vorster

Founder of Vitls

ViTel Health

ViTel’s purpose is to provide the most efficient Telehealth, Telepsych, and remote medicine solutions by improving patient experience, access to quality Telehealth solutions, and streamlining data compliance for providers. This is done by creating an easy-to-use system that integrates all aspects of patient care.


Doug Sumaraga

CEO at ViTel Health

Valhalla Healthcare

Valhalla Healthcare delivers cost-effective, attainable, and efficient healthcare for all using artificial intelligence and machine learning. This can be seen in Allevia, their first product, an AI-powered intake solution for healthcare providers.


Samir Shah

Chief Product Officer at Valhalla Healthcare


UBERDOC provides priority access to the best doctors for an affordable, transparent price. Includes In-Person and Telemedicine appointments.

Paula Muto


Craig Zevin



Plethy is reimagining care by supporting “Aging in Place and Recovery in Place” with our
patented Recupe platform. Virtual Orthopedic care delivery with a motion tracking sensor, mobile
apps, AI Technology, and proprietary algorithms.

Raja Sundaram

CEO of Plethy


PawSquad allows for 24/7 veterinary advice for pet owners in the UK by connecting them to experienced, qualified vets online.


Mark Boddy

CEO at PawSquad

Nymbl Science

Nymbl is the first company that provides digital balance training that is scalable, insightful, and cost-saving for our partners and effective and engaging for older adults. Nymbl’s balance training program is scientifically-validated and trains the body and brain to work together, known as dual-tasking. With merely using a smart device, for only 10 minutes a day, older adults preserve and enhance their freedom and enjoyment of life. Empowering older adults to increase confidence and the ability to fully participate in life, because aging is not less, is the core belief of Nymbl. Join us on our way to preventing 1 million falls. For more information, visit

Edward Likovich

CEO of Nymbl Science


Nephrodite is committed to improving the quality of life of dialysis patients through the focused commercialization of a fully implantable continuous hemodialysis device.

Nikhil Shah

CEO & Co-Founder of Nephrodite

My Purple Folder

MyPurpleFolder-“The PatientCare ‘easy’ Button” is a Healthcare Mobile App That Empowers Patients & Their Caregivers With A Seamless Connected Healthcare Experience.

MyPurpleFolder creates a universal digital healthcare “master key” that unlocks all patient portals by seamlessly integrating with all Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMRs), giving providers improved continuity of care, better outcomes and increased enterprise savings… And we do this all without having to store the information!

Kelli Thomas-Drake

CEO of My Purple Folder


MedSign s a Telehealth solutions company that is committed to the universal advancement of healthcare services. Qortex is MedSign’s flagship product and is a TV-based Telehealth safety connecting healthcare providers and patients in the comfort of their homes.


Thomas Conroy

Founder of MedSign

Intiva Health

Intiva Health is an all-in-one solution that connects licensed medical professionals and facilities. By focusing on the automation of credentialing, continuing education, and communication, Invtiva Health increases productivity. Creating innovative, simple solutions that improve the quality of life for healthcare professionals, their patients and the efficiency of the industry itself is the Intiva Health mission.

Ayan Monpara

CMO of Intiva Health


Intellihealth is focused on the specialized treatment of chronic conditions using digital technologies combined with medical science, behavioral tools, and psychology. Primarily focused on treating obesity as a medical disease, Intellihealth improves patients outcomes, and cost savings with their data management software.

Sloan Saunders

Founder of Intellihealth


Informed Software helps companies become more efficient by automating data capture processes using smartphones and tablets. Informed is used extensively across a variety of industries including Healthcare, Government, Utilities and Facilities Management.

Business users create Informed Apps using our unique no-code interface facilitating impressive time to market. As an example, British Gas rolled out a paper replacement project using Informed to 5,000 field users in 3 weeks.

We’ve recently extended Informed Software to automate the testing process for Covid-19. Testing laboratories can use Informed to manage entire test process from subject registration through to notification of results by SMS and email.

Chris Stobbs

CEO and Founder of Informed

HealthTalk A.I.

HealthTalk A.I. improves access to care by identifying gaps and closing the loop with Telehealth. Our A.I. assisted patient engagement platform overcomes communication barriers and directs patients to the right level of care at the right time — driving access, patient satisfaction and loyalty across healthcare organizations.

Jerrod Ullah

CEO and Founder of HealthTalk A.I.

Heal Me Fit

Heal Me Fit is a mobile application that enables users to heal and live a painless life through exercise.


Raven McNeal

Founder at Heal Me Fit


First Derm (incorporated as iDoc24 Inc) has been in business since 2014. Our flagship app is First Derm – Ask an online Dermatologist, on Android, iOS and Web. We are transitioning into artificial intelligence with our Autoderm API.

Alexander Börve

CEO and Founder of FirstDerm


ExamMed, equips doctors and hospitals with innovative virtual healthcare technology to treat patients remotely through an easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant video-enabled platform. The platform quickly enables reimbursable video visits, has patient scheduling and messaging capabilities, and offers inter-operable EMR/EHR integration.

Faraz Zubairi

CEO and Founder of ExamMed


cliexa is a suite of integrated and patented solutions that manages tailored clinical intake before and during doctors’ visits and remote-patient monitoring in between visits with focused clinical and administrative data integrated into EMR’s increasing
compliance, clinical efficiency and reimbursements.

Mehmet Kazgan

CEO and Founder of cliexa

Ashley Darnell

Director of Product at cliexa

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Chris Saxman

Chris Saxman is a board Member at Nymbl Science, C-suite executive and serial entrepreneur focused on improving healthcare by supporting patient-focused technology.


Chris Saxman

Board Member at Nymbl Science

Champz Health

Champz Health has created a platform that securely manages, summarizes and organizes the health and wellness information of your family so that it is easy to share with providers and loved ones.


Melissa Karr

VP of Marketing at Champz Health

Butterflly Health

Butterflly is a Telehealth platform focused on behavioral health and autism. It connects therapists and experts with their clients through a portal with educational content and personalized self-help and also features a social network linking like-minded users together.


Areva Martin

Founder at Butterflly Health


AireHealth is a digital health company that focuses on empowering and improving healthy living through cost-effective treatments, the tracking of symptoms and the early detection of respiratory conditions. The AireHealth portable nebulizer and companion app has helped over 100 million people in the US alone.

Nirinjan Yee

Head of Innovation at AireHealth

Aimee Health

Aimee Health provides a personalized digital health marketplace bringing together practitioners and patients with online health Assessments, science-based nutritional Protocols, and an AI-based Mobile App analyzing nutritional content of food with photographs. Practitioners easily implement group and 1-on-1 services through licensed health and nutrition programs coupled with practical tools enabling patients to understand and improve their health.

Alan Gale

CEO of Aimee Health


AidMedx Technologies is an Artificial Intelligence-based healthcare company that uses the power of AI for accurate medical diagnostic predictions via the Aid-x platform.

Pracheta Sahoo

Pracheta Sahoo

Founder of AidMedx

Indranil Roy

Indranil Roy

Founder of AidMedx

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