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The Healthtech Networking Club is an invite-only networking club that connects startups, investors, healthcare providers, and other key players in the Telehealth industry and provides private networking opportunities.

If you feel your business can contribute and benefit from the connections in the networking club apply for an invite.

Austin Healthcare Council

The Austin Healthcare Council is a non-profit association formed to further establish the city of Austin’s position as a global healthcare innovation center by healthcare industry leaders.

Gus Cardenas

President of Austin Healthcare Council

The I.V. DOC

The I.V. Doc™ provides Telehealth services by bridging online patient requests with state licensed physicians, followed by hands-on treatments delivered by Registered Nurses in the comfort and privacy of the patients home, hotel or private office. All nurses work under the care and direction of the treating provider, and have immediate live audio and video access with the treating physician.

Ajala Ngarndi

Medical Director of The I.V. DOC

Topco Associates

Topco is the largest retail food Group Purchasing Organization in the USA. It was formed to help assure that regional grocery retailers and wholesalers have the ability to support their communities by providing families with high quality yet affordable products and services. For over 75 years, Topco has used the collective volume, knowledge, and commitment of its member companies to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace through innovative product offerings and services, which are driven by insights and analytics.

Jay Nadas

Director of Health and Wellness Business Development at Topco Associates


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