A HealthTech Networking Club ambassador is an esteemed member of the club who assists in fostering connections and building the club community. There are 4 ambassador focal areas: Investors, Providers, Startups, and Advisors. Meet our club ambassadors below.

US Startup Ambassador

Lindsey is the Founder of Corylus Consulting and Co-Founder of MyUTI with more than 10 years of operational and commercial experience within the healthcare industry at multi-national corporations.

She understands the importance of relationships and leverages her extensive network to act as a master facilitator, and she has inspired her vision through diverse information set to create a clear path to success.


Lindsey Williams

Founder of Corylus Consulting

Provider Ambassador

Tommy is the Health Sciences Lead and Senior Counsel at Nixon Gwilt Law, who has over ten years of experience in the life sciences and healthcare industries. 

With his experience in highly regulated health care, life science, and biotech industries, Tommy provides guidance and helps facilitate connections for both providers and startups.  


Thomas Miller

Senior Counsel at Nixon Gwit Law

Advisor Ambassador

Joshua is the Managing Partner at Nath, Goldberg & Meyer who focuses on the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology Department.

As a practicing patent attorney for over twenty years, Joshua helps clients protect their brands and technologies and build company value.


Joshua Goldberg

Managing Partner at Nath, Goldberg & Meyer

Speaker at the monthly HealthTech RapidConfs

General Ambassador

Chris is a Senior healthcare C-suite Executive, serial entrepreneur, board member, and mentor to startups, including Nymbl Science.

He focuses on improving healthcare by supporting patient-focused technology and supporting club members through his years of experience and extensive network in digital health.


Chris Saxman

Board Member at Nymbl Science

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