Virtual JavaScript Workshop

Use state machines to build your own game!

Get hands-on practice with this free virtual workshop! We’ll learn how to use state machines to describe the states and actions of a game character. We will also create our own state machine library in JavaScript.

📆 Date: May 11, 2023, Thursday

Time: 11.15am EST

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What you’ll learn

Want to create more complex behaviors and interactions in your games? State machines are powerful tools that can help game developers to do just that. They allow developers to model the behavior of entities in a game as a set of states and transitions between them.

  • The concept of state machines
  • The benefits of using state machines in your game development projects
  • Inner working processes of state machine libraries

This workshop is also a great opportunity for those who wish to elevate their CV with this active participation in the developer community.


  • The laptop you wish to work with
  • Have an internet browser installed on your computer
  • Have a text editor of your choice
  • We’ll send you a follow-up email with a repo to download (please download it before the event)


18:15 – 18:30: Setup with online assistance
18:30 – 20:30: Workshop, including short breaks (accurate start!)

Language: This is an English-speaking event, designed for developers with medior+ and above experience.

After registration, you’ll receive a YouTube link to our virtual workshop. Feel free to use the chat to ask questions: one of our engineers will be happy to help if you’re stuck!

Our instructor

Dávid Kasznár

Engineer at bene : studio

Co-organized by McDaniel College

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What our participants say about our workshops

“I just wanted to thank You all for the Three-js Workshop!! I think it was a great topic and a fantastic presentation. Alex Szabó and Levente Rozsenich did a really exceptional work preparing and presenting the 3D webgl flight scene. Everything was introduced and explained very well and I’ve learned a lot! (I’m very passionate about web3D anyways so I’d be happy to see some more presentations in this area; maybe introducing webgpu next time, or building some interactive webVR app with React 360? etc..)The whole event was so well organised and it was a great time meeting You all! Keep up the great work and thanks again for everything!”

– Áron, Developer

“The topic was great, we got what the workshop promised before – I wondered, how could we even do it in 1.5 hours!”

– Botond, Developer

“The team was well-prepared, and you gave what you promised to the participants. I appreciate that it had requirements, so the participants needed to prepare before – thus you created a high-quality tech community.”

– Csaba, Consultant

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