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A successful work starts with research and planning, even in an extended team cooperation. The roadmap is the core of our projects, executed in agile, led by PMP managers. Try us for free!


Specification by product managers, systems design by software architects, product design by UX researchers, UX, UI and brand designers.


Cutting-edge javascript development in React, React Native, Node.js. Mobile development in iOS & Android. Enterprise web development in JAVA, PHP and Microsoft technologies.


Quality assurance, testing strategies, DevOps and maintenance.

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Networking Club

The invite-only networking club connects startups, investors,
healthcare providers and other key players in the HealthTech industry providing private networking opportunities. The club also organizes the renowned monthly Healthtech RapidConf online event which is free and publicly accessible by anyone.

If you feel your business can contribute and benefit from the connections in the Networking Club apply for an invite!

Find new clients, suppliers, investors, startup or enterprise partners and have private discussions with them.

Create new partnerships with HealthTech leaders:

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