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AI/ML neuro surgent platform: Owlsted, a Johns Hopkins spinoff from scratch

About Owlsted

Owlsted is a spinoff from Johns Hopkins. Owlsted’s objective is to provide skills assessments and tailored recommendations that optimize neuro surgeon performance through AI/ML driven video recording analysis. Owlsted’s objective is to provide skills assessments and tailored recommendations that optimize surgeon performance through AIdriven data analysis. The AI technology is developed in-house, while Owlsted has asked bene : studio to refine their service’s environment. Our aim is to design a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that meets the following criteria:

  • Secure and efficient storage and processing of surgical recordings.
  • Delivery of detailed AI-generated analyses directly to surgeons.
  • Unwavering commitment to data security and HIPAA compliance.

With the MVP developed and its foundational features operational, we have laid a critical groundwork planned the user interface that will drive Owlsted forward, continually building upon our initial success to deliver a comprehensive and refined product.

The benefits of Owlsted, slide made by bene : studio, image made by Owlsted

The business perspective

At bene: studio, we are always excited to work on projects that are not just at the forefront of technological innovation but also have a humanitarian impact. Owlsted is a prime example that is building an exceptional educational platform initiative while providing a more comprehensive medical knowledge database. Individually, these elements are significant, but together, their effect is amplified to create meaningful change now and in the future.

Our enthusiasm for this conceptled us to eagerly accept the project. Bene : studio has extensive experience in guiding similar projects to MVP status, launching them into the market, and supporting the final product. This experience gives us confidence in assisting Owlsted in the MVP stage of development. Their team has participated in the FastForward U accelerator program where we’re mentoring startups to help them improve their technology. Moreover, the project’s ambitious goals for improving surgical education and practice add an extra layer of excitement to our work.

If you have similar questions or need help with your own project, feel free to ask us. Our developers and designers are ready to help you!

The UX/UI perspective


Owlsted’s UX/UI is designed with a dual-purpose strategy. It aims to establish itself as a dynamic educational tool while simultaneously functioning as a comprehensive data hub, crucial for in-depth statistical evaluation and the enhancement of AI algorithms. To achieve this, the system is designed to accommodate a wide variety of user-generated data. This includes a substantial collection of surgical videos and associated feedback.. To facilitate this, it’s crucial that the UX processes are clear and clean, and the UI is quick and easy to understand. This approach is vital to distill a sophisticated data management system into an accessible and efficient user interface that prioritizes ease of use.

In our previous case study, we discussed the recommended UX and UI principles necessary for simplifying an application, and how these should be considered from the first phase of design (you can read this case study here). From the UI/UX design standpoint, the approach here is similar. The difference is that in this project, our main goal is not just to guide the user through the entire functionality in one process (although this is an advantage), but to ensure that the parts required for analysis and data upload are the simplest to use for both users and admins.

This ease of use is essential for the smooth uploading and analysis of videos. For this project, we have identified two basic focal points, and a third specifically for this project. One is the management of videos, where ease of uploading and viewing is crucial. The second is the analysis of uploaded recordings, where it’s important for the admin user to be able to review and interpret the video simultaneously with its playback. The third, unique to this project, is the display of statistical data. This serves a dual purpose: it allows users to track their progress for educational purposes and enables admins to view current statistical data, which is useful for AI training.

Owlsted MVP UX/UI concept, made by bene : studio


The project’s complexity presents a paradox that makes it particularly enjoyable. The excitement lies in encapsulating intricate systems within a straightforward interface, a task both challenging and invigorating. Additionally, the clear demarcation of processes enhances functionality, anchoring the UX design’s foundational principles. This framework, combined with effective teamwork and comprehensive initial documentation, contributed to a remarkably efficient design phase for the processes and interfaces.

The process

In the initial phase, we developed a flowchart for UX processes, followed by creating a component library for UI design. After this, we drafted the surface plans. These steps comprised the first round of the entire process, which effectively transformed product ideas into an impressive presentation through a clickable prototype. Subsequently, we created UI plans essential for developing the MVP phase, along with a comprehensive list of components, which then kickstarted the development process.

User flow concept, made by bene : studio

Component & block library, made by bene : studio

Clickable prototype made by bene : studio

Technological perspective

To address the technical aspects of the project, our development team formulated a preliminary plan and process structure. This approach is designed to maximize the effectiveness of all the functionalities mentioned previously. In this planning stage, we carefully considered the project’s long-term objectives and integrated them with the latest and most effective technologies.

Building on these foundations, the Owlsted service is developed on the following technical framework:

  • Backend server: NodeJS 
  • Database: MySQL
  • File storage: Azure
  • Frontend: ReactJS 

Development environment, structure and data-flow, made by bene : studio


In summary, speaking for the whole team, we’ve grown to truly love this project. It embodies an exciting and worthwhile concept, wrapped in state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to its innovative functionalities, the knowledge stored and analyzed here serves as a robust educational resource and leverages AI for the greater good of humanity. Owlsted is a testament to how the latest technologies can be a force for helping people in today’s world.

“Working with Bene : Studio has been a seamless experience. Their team’s ability to understand and appreciate our vision has resulted in a compelling, user-friendly UI exceeding our expectations. The collaborative process, combined with their expertise and innovative approach, has provided us with a product that truly stands out. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results and highly recommend their services.”

Tito Porras

Founder & CEO, Owlsted

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