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Melanoma Snail NFT Market: When healthcare meets crypto

Melanoma Snail and Bene Studio

What is NFT?

“A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify ownership and authenticity. The ownership of an NFT is recorded in the blockchain and can be transferred by the owner, allowing NFTs to be sold and traded. NFTs can be created by anybody, and require few or no coding skills to create. NFTs typically contain references to digital files such as photos, videos, and audio. Because NFTs are uniquely identifiable assets, they differ from cryptocurrencies, which are fungible.” (Source)

From an online communication perspective, an NFT is a form of sellable art with a message that can be shared. Currently, the crypto market is undergoing new changes thanks to the focus on digital platforms and AI, which will open up fresh perspectives for this part of the market and online communication tools.

Melanoma Snail has taken advantage of this opportunity and created an online platform for this type of NFT and knowledge sharing. This project is not only a marketplace but also a healthcare online interface where visitors can find updated information about melanoma (skin cancer) and its prevention.

About Melanoma Snail

The Melanoma Snail Collection NFTs were created by Dr. Béla Horváth as a medical art project aimed at educating people about the dangers of melanoma skin cancer, saving lives, and inspiring others.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that arises from pigment-producing melanocytes. It is the third most common preventable cancer and can be visible on the skin, giving us a chance to detect it early. If it is diagnosed too late, however, it can spread to other parts of the body and become fatal.

This concept has a lot of potential for healthcare. It is important to share the message about the significance of checking for melanoma ourselves. NFTs provide an excellent platform for sharing this movement, powered by crypto-users and digital artists.

The MelanomaSnail website made by bene : studio

How to connect NFT to Melanoma Snail?

Melanoma is a healthcare issue that affects people worldwide, and it requires an international platform that goes beyond domestic ones to share knowledge for diagnosis and prevention. Therefore, we need an effective tool that can share this information, not only with visitors of healthcare sites and forums.

NFTs are a popular tool in the digital market, providing an excellent opportunity for sharing knowledge of this type.

Dr. Horváth, the founder of MelanomaSnail, is very active on online platforms such as TikTok and YouTube, sharing his knowledge about MelanomaSnail’s concept. With his personal experience, it makes sense to enter the NFT market to make this issue more visible through the digital art and crypto-based communities of the world.

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About the project

We have created an online NFT Market for Melanoma Snail, where visitors can create, view, share, sell, and buy NFTs. Each NFT is assigned a unique ID, which is the basis for its value and is created and minted on the Rarible host. This means that these works are not only sellable on Melanoma Snail’s site but also on the Rarible online NFT market. The artwork used for these NFTs must be based on Melanoma Snail’s concept message to ensure that the entire significant message is shared through these works. In addition to this, visitors are informed about melanoma and other relevant medical information.

The process of creation

The main goal of this project is to share the message about melanoma and the Melanoma Snail project. Therefore, in the designing and developing phases, we focused on this point.


Before starting, we conducted market research on the NFT market. Based on this information, we learned more about NFT creation and mapped out the technical needs for NFT minting, searching, and the necessary API communication for the creative flow. We collected all the technical requirements needed for this. We decided to create NFTs on the Rarible server to ensure a safe minting process and the ability to sell NFTs on both the Rarible online marketplace and Melanoma Snail.

With this in mind, we built a Rarible-based marketplace and an informational site about melanoma and Melanoma Snail.

The UX/UI phase

We created the flow in FigJam for two potential use cases:

  1. From the NFT owners’ view: This use-case focuses on the segment of NFT owners in the online crypto market. We focused on how we can add a message about melanoma to the NFT.
  2. From the visitors’ view: This use-case focuses on visitors interested in learning more about melanoma and/or the Melanoma Snail project. We focused on how they can obtain information about NFT and share it.
User flow’s concepts for the potential users

We created the screens based on this flow concept. For these segments, we made a hybrid version, mostly focused on NFT owners. We made it with UX/UI design in Figma. We also created branding (logo, brand style guide, basic elements), and platform screens.

Development phase

Firstly, we set up the environment for this project by collecting API usage and information. We created pages based on the UX/UI screens, including the homepage, the NFT information page, the NFT creation page, and an informational page with an FAQ block. During development, three external modules were integrated to help with NFT and user-wallet connections:

  • Metamask: this extension allows us to connect and log in to the marketplace with our crypto-based wallet. Metamask is the most popular wallet for this solution. With this integration, we can log in to the site with the Metamask browser extension (it’s available in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge), eliminating the need for a traditional user registration / login flow. Metamask wallet also keeps track of your NFTs and makes it possible to buy them with any of the most popular cryptocurrencies (Ethereum and ERC-20 compatible blockchain).
  • Pinata: Pinata is a cloud service for keeping your NFT. This integration makes NFT file storage easy.
  • Rarible SDK: This ensures that we connect to the Rarible servers and make our NFT available in multiple places (Melanoma Snail NFT market and Rarible market).

We used MetaMask, Rarible, and Pinata modules for the NFT and user-wallet connections during development. Users can connect the site with their Metamask wallet, allowing access to NFTs and their crypto-wallets for buying NFTs. NFTs can be purchased with any of the most popular cryptocurrencies (Ethereum and ERC-20 compatible blockchain).

We built a database for this project with three different parts: one for users, one for NFTs, and one for NFT creation and buying processes. Thanks to the NFT and crypto-account modules, we don’t store any user or NFT information, only wallet-, NFT-, and transaction IDs. And thanks to the Rarible API, the entire NFT creation flow’s data is generated and stored on Rarible servers.

In summary, we integrated three external modules (MetaMask, Pinata, and Rarible SDK) for NFT and user-wallet connections, built a database with three parts, and created several pages, including the homepage, the NFT information page, the NFT creation page, and an informational page with an FAQ block.

Testing phase

After finishing development, we tested the phases of the NFT market.

During the development phase, we created accounts for MetaMask, Rarible, and Pinata to integrate and test.

We started by testing the NFT creation process: we created multiple test NFTs and viewed the results on both the MelanomaSnail portal and Rarible. After ensuring it worked perfectly, we moved on to testing the user paths and transaction details. We tested the development flows during development, and the user flows and usage after completion. We also tested several use cases where a user logs in to our MetaMask account and creates, edits, sells and buys art using our MetaMask account. Based on these tests, we made some updates to the integrations and flow to provide a better user experience and ensure correct functionality.

The Metamask validation and NFT creation flow


Based on all of this, here’s a summary of the project goals and steps:

Project goals:

  • Build an NFT marketplace capable of creating and selling NFTs
  • Educate visitors about melanoma and its prevention
  • Provide information about the Melanoma Snail concept

Project steps:

  • Develop user-flow concepts for potential users
  • Design the UI screens
  • Collect information and integrations for development
  • Develop and integrate the required APIs

Testing phase:

  • Go-live: Currently, this project is not yet live. We will launch it after the client has collected all the information and art for the NFT marketplace.

All in all, this was an exciting project and a helpful platform for visitors and NFT owners alike. If you have a similar project and need any help with the design and development, feel free to contact us – we’re here to help!

Melanoma Snail and Bene Studio

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